Homework Tunes

Practice Tunes: On the suggestion of our members, we will work on two “core
tunes” for part of each jam session to build our common repertoire. To give members time to practice, those tunes will be listed here in advance. This page is a list of older practice tunes:

Current Tune
Sourgrass and Granite
This is a Canadian fiddle tune, originally by Brian Pickell. This tune is popular at dulcimer festivals, which is how it made its way into our chapter’s repertoire. You can find out more information about Mr Pickell here.

A copy of the sheet music for this tune can be found here.

There are also videos to help with learning the tune on YouTube.

Tunes Recently Learned

Angeline the Baker
A copy of this tune can be found in the UOTF Starter Collection.
Simple Video
Allison Kraus

Tombigbee Waltz
Sheet Music
A YouTube video of this tune.
Jay Ungar and Friends. This version is closer to Doug’s Preferred version from “Man of Constant Sorrow”.
Cripple Creek
UOTF Starter Collection
matching midi file

Mississippi Sawyer
Sheet music and midi file
Played live by Meagan Gardner and Ken Murdock of the Pioneer Chapter.