Dale Pendleton Sings the Blues

Dale Pendleton is a long time and founding member of the UOTF, and a member of the Pioneer Chapter. His contributions to the organization span many years and several generations. On occasion, Dale sets out to preserve some of the older tunes for future generations. This is one such project. Below are several tunes, performed by Dale and posted here for your edification.

All files are in WAV format, and should play on any platform. These files are somewhat faint, so be ready to adjust the volume knob.

A Grown Up Boy
A Happy Country Song
Christmas Time is Here
Dale’s Rock
Dale’s Waltz
Do You Miss Me?
Goin’ Up Hill and Down Hill
Here Comes Cookie Down the Street”
Hoppin’ Around
I’m Sorry
I Thank Thee Lord for All You’ve Done
Its Been A Long Time My Darling
I Was Waiting on the Corner”
Kickin’ Up Your Heels
Look-a-Here, She’s My Baby
Memories Just Make Me Blue
Over Cross the Mountain
Park City Rock
The Rodeo Clown
To Margine With Love
What Would You Think if I Told You That I Loved You?
Why Did You Leave Me?
Wrong Number